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Update U-Boot on the PinePhone

6 minute read

As I big fan of GNOME, I really wanted a similar experience on the PinePhone. That’s why I opted for running Manjaro ARM's alpha for the PinePhone, wh...

Update U-Boot on the Pinebook Pro

7 minute read

The other day, Elementary announced elementaryOS 6 preview builds for the Pinebook Pro. I went ahead and flashed an SD card with a build image to try it out...

Backup Docker Data

9 minute read

Backups are super helpful, especially when you like to blow everything away fairly often. Backing up the data from a Docker container can help you quickly g...

Install ZFS on the Pinebook Pro

6 minute read

Recently, I obtained a 64-bit ARM, budget Linux laptop, the Pinebook Pro. It’s a wonderful, sleek little notebook, boasting great convenience and powe...